I love Blosxom!

I really love Blosxom, the Blog
software you read right now. Clean, simple, easily configurable. I just
some new flavours, including a home-made text one, with a calendar
plugin and a category tree list. Quick and simple.

I put my blog file under RCS control too. A simple makefile enable
me to create .txt file with a single command. That’s allow me to edit
my files as I which, create a logging section, and move things around as
I which. Well, this can break the permanent link however… I have to
find another way around this.

Also, I’m looking for a wiki formatter… There is some available,
but all seems to use an already install wiki formatter, which I want to
avoid (especially that I want to customize it). Maybe I can create my

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Wordpress user and FOSS afionados.
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