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Bug in CDM

The Components Database Manager of Windows XP Embedded Studio has a very stupid bug: if you create a repository with no files, it became unable to upgrade it because it’s « _unable to erase the files in the repository_. » A wild … Lire la suite

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What User Oriented Application should be

From [Understanding XML: The Future of SVG and the Web][Understanding XML]: > The Editable Web. We spend billions of dollars making the web editable in proprietary ways, usually by attempting to do it using server-oriented programming. This has long struck … Lire la suite

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I am learning currently a little bit of [OpenLaszlo][], a [User Interface Markup Language][] to build [RIA][] (for now, based on [Flash][], but I would like to see one based on [DHTML][] or even [SVG][] stuff). Currently, everything seems to … Lire la suite

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Bayesian filter and Atom feed for FeedOnFeeds

I’m looking for integrating [PHP Naive Bayesian Filter][] to [FeedOnFeeds][], as well as providing it an [Atom][] feed. [PHP Naive Bayesian Filter]: [FeedOnFeeds]: [Atom]:

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What Business Can Learn from Open Source

[What Business Can Learn from Open Source][opensource]: > _The basic idea behind office hours is that if you can’t make people work, you can at least prevent them from having fun. If employees have to be in the building a … Lire la suite

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Avoid YAPS

In [Beating the Averages][], [Paul Graham][] presented LISP as the more powerful language that you must used always. I tend to agree on the first part but less on the second. Using the most powerful language is not always the … Lire la suite

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Programming is not about syntax

In [A Scheme Story][scheme], the author talk about something I really like: the fact that introductory lessons in programming are often more about syntax then programming. In fact, even in interview, people tend to judge you more about how much … Lire la suite

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