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I finally get a [software][Feed on Feeds] that does mostly what I want: get rss feeds regurlarly and show them to me on a web page. It’s mostly what’s [Bloglines][], but in a free software and personal way. I always dislike having to depend on external services (in fact, I don’t even trust my own machines, replicating everything), that’s why I used [Jabber][], [WordPress][] and have create my own version of [de.li.cio.us][] instead of the equivalent web services. However, sharing and aggregation services like [Technorati][] are very welcome.

[Feed on Feeds]: http://feedonfeeds.com/
[Bloglines]: http://www.bloglines.com/
[Jabber]: http://www.jabber.org/
[WordPress]: http://www.wordpress.org/
[de.li.cio.us]: http://www.de.li.cio.us/fabien
[Technorati]: http://www.technorati.com/


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Wordpress user and FOSS afionados.
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