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Software MTBF

An [interesting text][Software Engineering Baseline] about predicting [Software Mean Time Between Failure][Software Reliability]. [Software Engineering Baseline]: [Software Reliability]:

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Comments on Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS) Software Configuration Management (SCM) Systems

There is some very interesting [comments on OSS SCM Software][]. This is a good complement to the [Wikipedia article][Wikipedia’s Comparison of SCM]. [comments on OSS SCM Software]: [Wikipedia’s Comparison of SCM]:

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SQL-Ledger manual

I found an excellent site with the [SQL-Ledger][] [Manual][SQL-Ledger Manual] and other [projects][Metatron SQL-Ledger Projects]. Seems quite useful and update. [SQL-Ledger]: [SQL-Ledger Manual]: [Metatron SQL-Ledger Projects]:

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AutoREALM – The GNU Mapper

[AutoREALM][] finally switch to a real free platform. Well the announced was made a year ago and I try to compile it without success (well, the tests failed, it’s not so bad and I just make a first compilation pass, … Lire la suite

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Tango Danza Glossary

A wonderful book about Tango. I can’t say much about the quality of the references and content of the book, since I doesn’t know much about it, but I can say that the author seems to have do a great … Lire la suite

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WebCalendar patch

I [made][WebCalendar Patches] some patches for [WebCalendar][] 1.0.1. This fixes some issues regarding transcoding (why [htmlentities()][] don’t used iconv.internal_encoding instead of iso-8859-1 as the default charset?), display priorities as a class, and add some variables to report. I also add … Lire la suite

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Windows Embedded less costly than Linux Embedded?

I really _love_ this kind of [report][Windows Embedded vs Linux Embedded TCD]. They are such a good example of the kind of bullshit that you can find in the marketing world. The report draw conclusion about completly build numbers that … Lire la suite

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